Remedial Massage In The Heart Of The CBD

Melbourne Natural Therapies have been serving the Melbourne and Southbank residents and workers since 2007. Our therapists are all fully qualified and insured and all are members of industry associations.

Our Massage Therapists Offer:
• Remedial Massage
• Myotherapy
• Dry Needling
• Cupping

We are conveniently located  in the Melbourne CBD on Little Collins Street, directly opposite Royal Arcade.

Whether you have an injury or simply want a good quality Remedial massage we can help.



Remedial Massage For Neck Pain | Melbourne Natural Therapies

Remedial Massage For Neck Pain The use of modern gadgets has become an integral part of our workplace and social life. On one hand, these smart gadgets have made our lives easier; on the other hand, they have proved to be quite literally a pain in the neck. Today, prolonged and improper use of mobile …


Winter is the time when most of us tend to get sluggish, depressed, and lethargic. The cold breeze and shorter days bring about a lot of internal changes in the body. As a result of these changes, the blood circulation gets slow, the skin gets dry, the digestive system slows down, and our immune system …

Remedial Massage for Better Posture | Remedial Massage Melbourne

Posture | Remedial Massage for Better Posture From a physiological perspective, the term “posture” refers to the relationship between our skeleton, surrounding muscles and tissues of the body, and our brain to hold us upright against the gravitational pull. Good Posture and Poor Posture | Remedial Massage for Better Posture A good posture means that the …

Remedial Massage vs Sports Massage | Remedial Massage Melbourne

  Remedial Massage vs Sports Massage, what’s the difference and which one is right for me? This is a common question a lot of people ask us at Remedial Massage Melbourne. Well, both remedial massage therapy and sports massage therapy fall under the umbrella of Soft Tissue Therapy and use various hands-on forms of physical …

Remedial Massage Melbourne | For Ageing Bodies

  As you age, your body is likely to get weak, and as the body gets weak it is likely to encounter various issues, such as pain, discomfort, immobility and other issues that can inhibit you from leading a normal, active life. Unfortunately, many seniors are unaware of the various advantages they can enjoy by …

Pain Management | Remedial Massage Melbourne

Pain Management Remedial Massage Melbourne provides a safer and cheaper treatment option for effective pain management than many other modalities. The holistic treatment approach used by remedial massage therapists is extremely effective for relief of back pain; but it is also more cost effective than traditional medicine, saving patients thousands of dollars every year. It …

Accident Recovery | Remedial Massage Melbourne

Accident Recovery For the majority of people who get involved in an accident, getting help from a medical practitioner is usually the first line of defense. It is up to these medical practitioners to decide whether to get you to the nearest hospital for immediate medical treatment or give you on-the-scene medical care if you …


3 BENEFITS OF MASSAGE Whether you are injured or suffer from chronic pain, visiting Remedial Massage Melbourne can prove to be beneficial for you in a number of ways. Even once you have successfully recovered, you can still enjoy multiple benefits by following a treatment plan with Remedial Massage Melbourne. Let us have a look at some …