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cupping melbourneCupping, although a lesser-known form of alternative therapy, can bring about great improvement in health and well being, provided it is performed professionally.

Cupping is a type of alternative treatment that finds its roots in the ancient Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Egyptian cultures. Although it is a very old treatment and healing modality, the basic philosophy still remains the same. Today, cupping professionals use glass cups or plastic jars instead of cattle horn and bamboo to create suction at various points on the body in order to enhance the circulation, stretch muscles, and relieve the pain.

How Cupping Works | Cupping Melbourne

During cupping therapy, the therapist places cups made up of glass, silicone, earthenware, or plastic on different parts of the body to create suction. As the air is sucked out, the underlying tissue is raised into the cup, thereby improving the circulation of blood and lymph, relaxing the soft tissues, and promoting recovery from pain and injury. The cup is left in place for about 5-10 minutes. Depending on the ailment, the cupping professional may use cupping as a standalone treatment option or may combine it with other forms of alternative treatment such as dry needling to achieve the desired results.

What Does Cupping Therapy Treat | Cupping Melbourne

Although it is an ancient form of alternative treatment, the fact that it is still used today in one form or another shows it is very effective in treating various bodily ailments such as:

  • high blood pressure
  • blood disorders such as hemophilia and anemia
  • migraines
  • fertility and gynecological disorders
  • rheumatic diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis
  • anxiety and depression

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