Remedial Massage For Frozen ShoulderAdhesive Capsulitis, more commonly known as “frozen shoulder” is a debilitating and painful condition of the shoulder usually caused by stiffness (inflammation) of the shoulder capsule and the surrounding connective tissues. People suffering from acute adhesive capsulitis experience a lot of pain and discomfort in the shoulder area and as a result are unable to perform a number of simple work or home activities. The worst thing about frozen shoulder is that it is persistent and does not resolve quickly, however with remedial massage for frozen shoulder most of the pain and discomfort associated with this condition can be easily managed until the shoulder returns to it’s normal state.

What Causes Frozen Shoulder | remedial massage for frozen shoulder

remedial massage melbourneUnfortunately, to date, the medical community has not been able to fully understand why frozen shoulder occurs and why some people experience different symptoms than others. Some underlying factors that can increase the risk of developing Adhesive Capsulitis are:

  • medical conditions such as hyper/hypothyroidism, diabetes, cervical cancer, heart diseases, and autoimmune disease
  • recent surgery or injury
  • inactivity of the shoulder
  • altered arm mobility
  • age and gender

Treatment Options for Frozen Shoulder | remedial massage for frozen shoulder

Treatment for frozen shoulder is aimed at easing the pain and discomfort, restoring shoulder movement, and reducing inflammation until the frozen shoulder is able to resolve. For this purpose, one or more of the following typical treatment options may be advised:

  • anti-inflammatory painkillers
  • steroid injections
  • surgery
  • remedial massage

Patients who do not want to experience the adverse side effects of drugs, steroid injections, and surgery can greatly benefit from remedial massage for frozen shoulder.

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